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The Health Outcomes Insights Suite

Our Health Outcomes Insights Suite provides a powerful platform of research tools and methodologies that help healthcare agencies and pharmaceutical companies across a range of conditions – including diabetes – get targeted answers to patient behaviour and experiences whenever health outcomes are part of your programme.


Our award-winning evidence-based survey design analysis tool that helps you efficiently optimise your questionnaire before fielding.



Don’t have the time or know how to design a questionnaire? Our survey design specialists will get you set up! With our QuestDevelop™ platform we will apply industry best practices and our fast-track development process. 

Improve your forecasting accuracy

When survey data is part of your forecasting process it’s essential that you are leveraging the highest quality data to enable you to make both realistic and effective forecasts.

At Health Outcomes Insights we use our award winning evidence-based questionnaire design platform to help you take your forecasting to the next level.

Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) development

Whether it’s part of a global value dossier to support payer submission, or to describe the patient’s journey through diagnosis and treatment to understand patients’ and caregivers’ unmet needs, the validity of your COA data depends on how accurately the targeted concept of interest is measured. At Health Outcomes Insights we undertake a four- stage innovative mixed methods approach that ensures the capture of the construct that measures just the right thing.

Improve patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials

Achieving high levels of patient recruitment and retention  is essential for the successful completion of a clinical trial. Yet it remains a significant challenge faced by researchers. 

At Health Outcomes Insights we work with you by bringing innovative approaches to engage and motivate patients to participate  in the trial. 


With more than 30 years of research experience we provide a range of consultancy support including, both traditional qual and quant as well a new and innovative approaches to support you and ensure you get the right information within the timelines often demanded.

Training and coaching

We provide a range of training and coaching for internal, in-house teams and agency professionals.

Our training is based on the following key principles

  • Mind sized training units
  • Action and experience
  • Follow-up coaching

The Diabetes Health Profile

Developed to measures the impact of diabetes on everyday social and emotional functioning, the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) has been developed to conform to the FDA’s Guidance for Industry and best practice guidelines. Completed by more than 15,000 patients the DHP has proven psychometric properties and is available in 30 language versions.