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QuestReview™ our  questionnaire design review tool will benchmark your questionnaire against 32 design parameters of questionnaire design good practice, so you can be sure the information you get is what you want. 

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Best for Healthcare Research – UK

Standard review

Often a new or modified questionnaire is evaluated in a small pre-test sample of participants to identify poor design issues.
The questionnaire might also be reviewed by members of the team to suggest improvements. This approach however, can result in subtle design errors being missed which only experts can identify. Missed errors can result in your survey providing unreliable data.


Based on years of research and expert opinion, QuestReview™ – our questionnaire design review tool – identifies prior to your questionnaire going into the field – those often subtle poor questionnaire design issues that lead to poor results. QuestReview™ saves you time and costs as well as ensuring you get the information you need.

Be assured your questionnaire gives you the information you need

How does it work?

We first gain a thorough understanding of your survey objectives

We help you clarify your objectives, if required

We conduct a diagnostic test of your existing questionnaire against key parameters of questionnaire design good practice

We provide you with detailed and actionable feedback

What feedback do we give you?

We provide a traffic light assessment  and a detailed narrative of each questionnaire item based on evidence-based criteria including the following:

  • Degree of correspondence between items and concept of interest
  • Complex/conflicting/missing information of instructions
  • Question wording including, wording complexity/ vague terminology/word length/bias
  • Word frequency (Frequency usage)
  • Appropriateness of response options
  • Reading ease
  • Estimated completion fatigue
  • Formulation for paper and digital of original questionnaire

Find out how we can help you with QuestReview™

While the process of translatability assessment (TA) of a questionnaire is usually conducted by experienced linguists in collaboration with the developer, both the linguist and developer may not always have the expertise to identify design issues that expert questionnaire designers can. As a result, subtle questionnaire content and form errors are likely to go unobserved during the TA. With QuestReview™ our questionnaire design review tool we minimise the risk of late-stage design errors that otherwise can result in problems achieving cross-cultural equivalence between original and subsequent translations.

Using QuestReview™ our award-winning questionnaire design review tool, our expert designers will conduct a deep evaluation of the content and formulation of the source questionnaire against key good practice criteria to identify items requiring revision prior to TA.

Benefits to you include:

  • Fully optimised formulation of the original questionnaire by expert questionnaire designer prior to TA
  • Minimised late-stage risk of questionnaire design issues
  • Reduced rounds of TA
  • Increased cross-cultural equivalence between original and subsequent translations

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Pre-testing a modified or new questionnaire is an essential requirement in the development process. However, pretesting and piloting of a questionnaire can result in a number of rounds of testing as well as being time consuming and costly for you. With QuestReview™ our questionnaire design review tool provides feedback on problems with the content and form of your questionnaire can be rectified prior to pre-testing your questionnaire, saving you additional testing, time and costs further down the line.

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Cognitive debriefing – typically performed face-to-face with participants – is a good way to really understand what is going on in the minds of your participants when they are answering your questionnaire.

With our QuesTReview™ detailed pre-cognitive interview feedback on the questionnaire’s content and form, you will be able to:

  • Address any identified problems with the questionnaire’s content and form prior to the interviews, minimising multiple rounds of CI
  • Maximise the efficiency of the interviews

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As a primary source of information for HTA submissions and reimbursement negotiations, the core value dossier has become an essential market access tool.

Evidences of patient reported outcomes such as disease burden and health-related quality of life (QoL) have become a key component of the dossier. As a result, early evaluation of any patient reported outcome instrument used for providing evidence for the dossier is strongly recommended so that it aligns with industry regulations and best practice guidelines.

With QuestReview™ our award winning questionnaire design review tool, our experts will first gain an understanding of the context of use followed by a detailed examination of the selected patient reported outcome (PRO) measure’s appropriateness in measuring the study’s concept of interest. This will be followed by a comprehensive review and detailed report of the PRO’s content against 32 best practice design criteria, including wording, question format, layout, respondent burden etc.bringing a significant added value to the dossier in support of the product’s development.

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