Helping you get deeper insights into how to design a questionnaire

Tips and guidelines on how to design a questionnaire all in one place.This library has been created to help you better understand how to design a questionnaire and obtain high quality data in return. 


A Measured Decision

Get an understanding of the process of selecting an appropriate patient reported outcome measure and some of the conceptual issues involved.
Patient Reported Outcomes: An overview
This article provides an overview of what PROMs are and the differentt constructs they can measure as well as those factors relating to choice.

Gaining from Gamification

Find out how gamification may be the key to getting the most from patient questionnaires.

Finding the Hidden Message in your Data

Gain an understanding for the need of a pardigm shift from being purveyors of data to one in which we deliver real insight from health data.

So you want to do research? Questionnaire design

This article describes the key stages on how to design a questionnaire. Aspects of constructing the questionnaire are discussed in detail including, mode of adminisgtration, wording and sequencing of the questions and layout etc.

Assessing Attitudes

Discover how Behavioural Economics can help maintain patient engagement within clinical trials.


How to get the best out of your online survey

Get a better understanding of the key issues in designing your online survey questionnaire.

The Diabetes Health Profile: Development and Applications

The Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) is a diabetes-specific patient reported outcome measure developed to capture the impact of living with diabetes on the patient's quality of life.


Maximising Data Quality A Holistic Approach

Discover some of the key drivers of online survey data quality and best practice that helps achieve quality results.

The first 6-steps for successful questionnaire design

Designing a health survey questionnaire is more than simply writing questions. This guide details the first six steps to designing a questionnaire that will give you the information you need.

7 reasons why your survey might fail

Discover some of the common reasons why your survey will fail to give you the information you need.

Interpreting Patient Reported Outcomes: A Holistic Approach

Discover how understanding of patient reported outcome data can be enhanced by undertaking an holistic approach to the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. (This article is taken from International Clinical Trials May 2019, pages 21-25). © Samedan Ltd

Case Studies

10 ways to improve your survey response rates

This eGuide outlines 10 proven ways you can apply in the design of your questionnaire that will result in increased response rates.

Evaluation of a community survey of home care needs

Learn how our questionnaire evaluation platform - QuestReview - identified and rectified design weaknesses in a community survey prior to fielding.

8 simple tips to help you write questions that respondents will understand

Use these 8 tips to help you ensure your questions are clear and unambiguous

Development of a patient outcome measure to evaluate the impact of dietry and nutrional care

Find out how we developed a patient reported outcome measure to evaluate the impact of dietry and nutrional care and support on patient outcomes.

8 tips on constructing your online questionnaire

Learn about the specific design requirements of an online survey questionnaire.


How you can design an effective rating scale

Survey data are only as good as the questions asked and the way we ask them. Find out how to develop an effective rating scale.

ePROs in clinical trials - Why we should be mobile first

Understand the importance of designing a patient reported outcome measure at the outset for a mobile device and scaling up for larger screen sizes.

Should your survey questions have an opt-out option?

Learn why survey questions should have an opt-out option.


A visual narrative of the experiences of people with diabetes.

How the experiences of patients can be combined and displayed as a visual narrative.

Should we still measure patient satisfaction?

How useful is a measure of patient satisfaction and can it really tell us anything when comparing the quality of care delivered?

Key stages in the Development of a Patient Reported Experience Outcome Measure

A visual display of our approach to the develoopmet of a patient reported experience outcome measure.

Understanding how respondents answer your survey questions

Understand how respondents answer a survey question and how respondents cut corners when answering the survey questions, reducing the reliability and validity of your data and how you can prevent this.

The impact of living with diabetes

Get an understanding of what the Diabetes Health Profile scores can tell us about living with diabetes.

Adapting an Exisiting Questionnaire for Different Cultures and Languages

Find out why it is important to follow a specific process in the adaptation of an exisiting questionnaire for different cultures and languages.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) in Healthcare

The NPS has been shown, in several industries to be a less-than-perfect metric. Learn about some of the potential drawbacks of using the Net Promoter Score in healthcare.

The psychological and behavioural impact of living with diabetes

Find out how diabetes can have a significant impact on the individual’s psychological and behavioural functioning including, emotional well-being, family and social functioning and how this can be addressed.

Treating online participants like people

Discover how to keep your online survey participants engaged.

White papers

Rethinking the Analysis of the Cognitive Interview in Patient Reported Outcome Measure Design

The application of cognitive interviews (CI) in PROM development generally lack a clearly defined rational for selecting the appropriate technique, analysis and reporting.This paper discusses some of the key issues that need to be considerd in the application of CI's and data analysis.

Patient centricity – Co-Creation puts the patient at the heart of medical development

Learn more on how co-creation can be an innovative approach to ensuring patient-centred trial design and patient reported outcome measure development


Development of a Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Measure Appraisal System