Consulting Services -Tailored Solutions For Your Health Research Needs

We provide tailored solutions for your medical and market research needs and are happy to act in an advisory capacity either on an occasional, regular or even continuous basis.  We can carry out the research for you if that is what you prefer.

Recommendations on appropriate research methods

Providing tailored solutions for your medical and market research needs includes helping you choose the right methodology to collect reliable and valid data. Tell us what you need to measure and we can advise you or carry out the work for you. This ensures you get the information you need within the compressed timelines often demanded by the client. We can support you with the following but not limited to:

  • Focus groups 
  • In-depth interviews
  • Mixed methods
  • Clinical trial exit interviews
  • Cognitive interviewing (Cognitive debriefing) See our blog post.
  • Co-creation workshops

Is it medical or market research?

The pharmaceutical industry is strictly regulated on its long road from R&D to the point of sale. The pharmaceutical industry is unlike any other where pharmaceutical market research is just one part of the journey. Conducting medical and market research studies come with different challenges and the need to understand the difference between the two approaches in terms of regulatory, ethical and recruitment requirements is essential to ensure unheeded completion of any study.

At Health Outcomes Insights we provide pre-project practical advice to the client as to whether the project is medical research or market research and whether there is a need to secure required regulatory approval or not. Where there is such a need our consultants will provide expert advice on the regulatory requirements for clinical research in the UK and internationally and assist you to develop your research proposal into a full protocol with associated documentation ready for regulatory review.

Incorporating cultural differences in medical and market research

Awareness of  cultural nuances is particularly important in conducting international pharmaceutical research where each country has its own regulations and cultural behaviours. Therefore, it’s necessary to incorporate these cultural differences into the research methodology of what is asked and the length or form of the information received. In Japan for example, telephone interviews beyond 30 minutes is unacceptable.

To support you with your international projects we will  tap into our  large global trusted network of local partners who will provide advice and add value to your projects. Gaining local advice will contribute to the accuracy of the design, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budgets.

Questionnaire Design

Designing a new questionnaire, or modifying an existing one, should really be left to the expert. It takes time and a focused effort. It’s very easy to design a bad questionnaire, but very difficult to design a good questionnaire. Tell us what you need to measure and we will provide tailored solutions for your health research needs. 

Story Telling

Ask most decision makers what they are looking for in insight reporting and they will tell you it’s a story. Reporting of research is normally presented in a building block structure. For example, literature review, summary of the qualitative research  followed by the quantitative data. And then a leap to the conclusions.

The challenges of delivering research findings are:

  • Multiple and disparate stakeholders
  • Lack of time
  • Getting complicated data across in an engaging way

Storytelling has the power to capture an audience’s attention and engage them more deeply than standard presentations.  Through story telling evidence is presented in the way  decision-makers think.

At Health Outcomes Insights we combine a five-stage data analytical framework with the three-components of good story telling. This helps you to find and deliver the story  and make effective decisions. 

The three-components of good story telling

Story Telling Using Data Visualisation

Visual storytelling can really help communicate complex information in an accessible and engaging way. Working with our designers we can advise you on how to tell the story. 

An infographic of patients experience

Behavioural Economics

Understanding and Guiding Irrational Human Behaviours Using Behavioural Economics and Decision-Making Psychology BE Assessment

We are available to review marketing collateral and other communications to assess the strategic as well as accidental use of BE tactics that are influencing people’s (conscious as well as unconscious) thoughts and behaviours. This provides a great opportunity for a company to assess where they are in leveraging BE tactics, and explore more strategic use of BE

Statistical consulting

With our statistical consulting services we offer clients in the medical and health industry a range of traditional and advanced statistical skills including:

  • Outcomes and utility measure development
  • Application of psychometric analyses and item response theory
  • Preference and utility elicitation study design and modelling

We are happy to give advice on all statistical issues, and also to undertake detailed statistical analysis. The length of projects undertaken can range from a single hour of advice to the analysis of large and complex datasets.

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