Statistical Consulting Services

With our statistical consulting services we offer clients in the medical and health industry a range of traditional and advanced statistical skills.

Outcome and utility measure development

We are widely experienced in the development of patient reported outcome measures for a range of purposes. This includes the development of profile measures for the assessment of clinical outcomes and health related quality of life across a range of conditions. This also includes the development of generic and condition specific utility measures for use in the economic evaluation of healthcare treatments and interventions.

Application of Psychometric analyses and item response theory

We have extensive skills in the use of psychometric analyses and modern test theory methods (including item response theory and Rasch analysis) for the development and assessment of new
and existing patient reported outcome measures.

Preference and utility elicitation study design and modelling

Our wide-ranging expertise includes the development and application of preference elicitation techniques in particular Discrete Choice Experiments and Time Trade Off. We have skills in applying these methods for multiple purposes. This includes the development of preference-based measure value sets for use in economic evaluation, and the valuation of healthcare goods or services.

Data visualisation

Through our partnership with a leading provider of research services, the design team can convert your information into a wide range of displays, from simple charts, graphs, dials, gauges through to fully fledged infographic outputs.

Online data visualisations can also be used interactively to enable you to drill down into the data behind the figures for more detail.

Online reporting

We offer a multi delivery platform so users can consume findings the way they choose. The key to a successful interface is therefore not just the volume of data but the ease with which it can be acted on.

Filtering is a key component of our online reporting tools. Dropdown menus allow the real time application of multi variate analysis to the chosen dashboards and reports.  We can also incorporate other useful content and media such as audio, video and html5 animation.

Offline reporting

Our offline reporting service automates PowerPoint or Excel reports quickly, easily and accurately every time.  We can generate reports from cross tabulated data or, if you need, we can even use the raw disaggregated data itself.

Using a template system compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office, the look and feel of reports can be fully controlled. Numerous table or data sets can also be used to feed into any report.