Questionnaire development

Poor questionnaire design will usually lead to missed, biased and inappropriate questions leading you to make incorrect assumptions and decisions. Using our QuestDevelop™ – our questionnaire design process – you have the assurance that the data collected will be top quality. Some examples of the pitfalls QuestDevelop™ will avoid:

  • Long and complex questions that lead to respondents giving an incorrect answer.
  • Question framed in such a way that respondents answers are biased.
  • Questionnaire length and respondent fatigue resulting in missed questions and increased drop-out rates.

Create content that engages respondents

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Create content that engages respondents. Our questionnaire design process

Working with you and using our multi-stage QuestDevelop™ our questionnaire design process, we apply best practices together with our fast-track questionnaire development process that ensures you get gold quality research results. Tell us what you want, and we will make it happen.

Working with us and our QuestDevelop process together with our QuestReview™ platform, not only will the pitfalls of poor questionnaire design be avoided, but you will have access to our years of experience in questionnaire design that will enable you to translate the questions into reliable and valid information.

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We undertake a deep dive with key stakeholders to identify the context behind the development. application of the questionnaire and data requirements.


On completion of the deep dive the data is analysed to be actionable by identifying key themes.


Each identified theme is operationalised through the drafting of a series of questions/statements for inclusion in the questionnaire.


Once developed the questionnaire content will be reviewed by key stakeholders and where necessary revised.


We use an appropriate field and or lab-based method of testing the questionnaire to ensure it is fit for purpose and provides the information needed.
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