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Keith founded Health Outcomes Insights (Formerly DHP Research & Consultancy) to support academia, healthcare agencies and pharmaceutical companies across a range of conditions and diseases using both traditional and innovative methods to get targeted answers to patient reported outcomes and behaviour.  In addition to conducting research studies and providing consultancy for our clients, we are involved in training and journal reviewing. We are also active in organisations such as ISPOR and ISOQOL.

Keith Meadows PhD

Keith Meadows PhD Founder and CEO

Keith is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Health Outcomes Insights (Formerly DHP Research) with over 30 years of Pharmaceutical industry, academic and consulting experience with a specialism in patient reported outcomes and behaviour assessment and survey design. He is currently a member of the Health Outcome Measures Development Team, Oxford University Innovation

With over 30 years experience in health-related research, Keith has conducted research across Europe including, the development and evaluation of health outcome assessment measures, survey design and cross-cultural research. He is the author of the Diabetes Health Profile which is a patient reported outcome (PRO) measure which assesses the impact on patients’ quality of life as a result of living with diabetes.

Prior to founding Health Outcomes Insights (Formerly DHP Research), Keith has held a number of senior academic posts including, Visiting Lecturer, City University and Senior Lecturer, University of Hull, where as a member of two European funded research projects he was involved in the development of a number of diabetes and asthma-specific patient reported outcomes and behaviour measures and led an international team for the harmonisation of the cross-cultural equivalence of a series of patient outcome measures.

Keith has published and presented widely on a range of research topics with a particular focus on patient reported outcomes and survey questionnaire design, resulting in more than 1500 citations.

Statistical and Psychometric Analyses Network

Our trusted network of experts has extensive experience in the development and psychometric assessment in the development of patient reported outcome and behaviour measures.

Their skills are in the use of psychometric and factor analysis and Item Response Theory methods for the development of patient reported outcome measures. This includes both profile and preference-based instruments.

Our network of statistical experts also have experience in the measurement and valuation of health and quality of life for use in economic evaluation (for example in the development of EQ-5D value sets internationally). The network also has skills in the use and application of preference elicitation techniques such as Discrete Choice Experiments and the Time Trade Off to develop value sets, and assess population preferences across a range of different health areas and treatments.

Nisha Gohil - Consultant

Nisha has worked in research for over 14 years specialising in 2008 to conduct research in the healthcare sector with Ipsos MORI. She is a qualitative specialist who offers strong international experience.

Nisha’s expertise extends across the Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology and Diagnostics sectors conducting research with hospital executives, payers, KOLs, surgeons, pharmacists, nurses and patients. She has a highly collaborative and flexible working approach, and believes a combination of objective interviewing and in-depth rigorous analysis is the key to delivering high quality research projects which offer strategic value and direction to clients.

Nisha graduated from the University of Wales, Cardiff with a degree in Business Information Systems. She further studied at the University of West of England to achieve a Masters in Marketing.

Sharron Green - Consultant

Sharron is a multilingual researcher with an international qualitative research background working across a range of sectors including healthcare, pharmaceutical and social.

Sharron’s research has included using observation, face to face interviews and focus groups with adults with Type 2 diabetes, teens with Type 1 and medical professionals (endocrinologists and diabetes nurses) in China, Germany & the UK. In addition, Sharron has experience of conducting desk research; questionnaire design and analysis of quantitative online research; UK qualitative research and briefing local moderators and over-seeing international research. She speaks German, French and Spanish.


Joining forces with Health Outcomes Insights is Perspective Research Services which enables us to provide a one-stop qual and quant research support to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare agencies from recruitment through to analysis and reporting.

Established in 1996. Perspective Research Services is one of the UK’s largest data collection and processing operations. Based in Central London it has 23 full-time staff, 17 regional field managers, 1,000+ Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) trained Face 2 Face field force and over 250 IQCS trained tele-interviewers covering domestic and international data collection.


Working with our Associate WFC we provide expert advice on the regulatory requirements for clinical research in the UK and internationally and are able to populate all required forms and make submissions to the relevant regulatory review bodies (both ethical committees and Competent Authority).

WFC is a leading provider of expert advice on the regulatory requirements for clinical research in the UK and internationally for 10 years. WFC work across the entire sector, with colleagues from NHS Research & Development (R&D), National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Networks (NIHR CRNs), Clinical Trials Units (CTUs), Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), Medical Research Charities (MRCs) and industry.

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