Our Qualitative Research Services

We are an international qualitative research provider to healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry

We use a range of offline and online methodologies from in-depth interviews, focus groups and ethnographic studies to produce high quality qualitative insights. Our research services are tailored to meet your needs enabling clients to choose to work with us using one or more of the following approaches:

  • Hourly consultation: We meet with you and your team either on an ad hoc or ongoing basis to provide feedback on your research at any phase.
  • Full project management: We undertake the management of your qualitative clinical outcomes research project from study design, conducting the research through to analysis and reporting.
  • Training packages: We offer training packages for clients wanting to develop their understanding of qualitative research methods and their uses. These include, but are not limited to: depth interviewing, focus group planning and facilitation, analysis and reporting.


If you want successful depth interviews and focus groups you need to track down the right participants. It can make or break a project – good recruitment is critical. Through our partnership with Perspective Research Services we support all major methodologies for both digital and offline qualitative projects using both client and non-client supplied samples, via telephone interview (semi structured) and phone-to-web. We also use alternative recruitment methods to find fresh and hard to reach participants through a partnership with charities and support groups who want to give their service users a voice. To ensure maximum data quality all participants are pre-screened to check they match your criteria and are able to make a full contribution.

Research design

Drawing on more than 20 years of qualitative research experience our team of experts will assist you in the development of qualitative and mixed method research projects. If you need to design a data collection and analysis plan for an existing or new project, whether it’s to carry out offline or online face-to face or focus groups, our design consultation services will ensure the whole process is fully optimised providing you with quality data.

Data collection

Face to face interviewing still remains a popular collection method with patients, clinicians, and other stakeholders. However, in addition our team of experts provide clients a wealth of experience in designing and facilitating focus groups and sustained stakeholder engagement processes.

When required we offer a variety of layouts to accommodate focus groups and depth interviews for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry offering excellent facilities including picture in picture recording, MP4 video & MP3 audio recording, and high definition cameras with external controls.

An overview of the services we provide:

  • In-depth face-face-to-face interviews
  • Web-enabled telephone interviews
  • Focus group moderation
  • Online focus groups
  • Online communities (Bulletin Boards)
  • Ethnographic interviews
  • Online ethnography and diary studies

Data analysis

To ensure you get the maximum insight from the research, we undertake every stage of qualitative data analysis using inductive and deductive approaches from initial thematic development and code book design based on a thorough understanding brief . In addition we can:

  • Create research-ready de-identified verbatim transcripts in English
  • Ensure comparability by maintaining consistent approaches across sample groups 
  • Apply secure and encrypted file-transfer protocols to keep your data safe in transit


At Health Outcomes Insights we are aware that reporting qualitative data to ensure maximum impact is an essential part of the research process. To achieve this we bring a range of techniques from storytelling to data visualisation, including infographics, word clouds, photographs, icons, diagrams, and timelines to enable easy interpretation and identify actionable insights.


We provide a range of training in qualitative research methodology aimed to provide participants with an understanding and appreciation of the skills to design, conduct and analyse qualitative research. The training is suited to those who are planning or working on qualitative projects.

An Introduction to Focus Groups

This one day course will help participants understand the role of focus groups, basic moderation skills, and how to analyse outcomes from focus groups. Practical sessions and small group work are used throughout the day.

An Introduction Qualitative Interviewing

Aimed at health professionals, researchers and academics with little or no experience of qualitative interviewing skills, this course introduces the method of qualitative interviewing using practical sessions, group discussions and formal presentations.

An Introduction to the Analysis of Qualitative Data

Using a combination of practical sessions, group discussions and formal presentations this one day workshop introduces the key principles and practice of the analysis of qualitative interview data. 

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