Understanding Cultural Differences In Medical & Market Research

We have access to a large global trusted network of local partners providing advice and added value to your projects. 

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In Healthcare and MedPharma clinical and market research from patient reported outcomes and  payer surveys, product-testing to in-depth HCP and patient interviews and diaries, precision and sensitivity are of the utmost importance in the language used.  However, awareness of other cultural nuances when conducting international research where each country has its own regulations and cultural behaviours is equally important. For example, Chinese people are encouraged to keep their opinions to themselves, while in Japan interviews are not expected to last more than half-an-hour.

To support you with your international projects we will tap into our large global trusted network of local partners who will provide advice and add value to your projects. Gaining local advice will contribute to the accuracy of the design, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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