Marketing and Forecasting Survey Design
for the
Pharmaceutical Industry

Market Research

To achieve sound results from your pharmaceutical market and forecasting survey questionnaire you need to start from a solid base which is primarily based on survey design and methodology. Without expert input market research questionnaires can contain questions that are difficult to understand by the respondent, lead respondents to give biased answers, cause confusion and lead to fatigue and increased drop-out-rates.

The sharpest increase in survey drop-off rates occurs with each additional question up to


Health Outcomes Insights has developed two evidenced-based platforms QuestDevelop™ and QuestReview™ specifically to ensure your market and forecasting survey questionnaire delivers the best results and value.

  • QuestDevelop™ is our evidence-based questionnaire design platform. With QuestDevelop a questionnaire design expert will work with you through the survey design process so that pitfalls of poor questionnaire design are avoided.
  • With QuestReview™ our evidenced-based questionnaire evaluation tool, we will identify and remove and rectify poor question wording and other sources of survey bias, so your survey design and results will be full proof.
  • Survey length and respondent fatigue can have a significant impact on the quality of data collected. With QuestReview™ our evidenced-based questionnaire evaluation tool, we provide an estimate of (1) completion time across a number of languages and (2) levels of fatigue experienced by respondents taking the survey so you can be confident your survey completion rates are maximised.

Our other market research  services include:

  • Qualitative research (Interviews and focus groups) with patients, clinicians and other stakeholders
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Communicating research findings (Story telling, data visualisation)

Health Outcomes Insights  has Market Research Society accreditation which is a mark of our research excellence and commitment to quality research and insight. 

*Independent research shows that if a respondent begins answering a survey, the sharpest increase in drop-off rate occurs with each additional question up to 15 questions.

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