Improve the accuracy of your market forecasting survey questionnaire

We help you create more effective and realistic market forecasts from your market forecasting survey questionnaire

  • You’ve already had your  forecasting survey questionnaire developed and just want it checked out. QuestReview our  questionnaire evaluation tool,  provides detailed feedback on how your questionnaire can be improved.
  • You are starting from scratch and want to work with us to develop a market forecasting survey questionnaire that will provide realistic forecasts. We will apply QuestDevelop our evidence-based questionnaire design platform.

QuestDevelop™ - The Process


We undertake a deep dive with all of those involved in the forecasting process to identify the contextual needs of the decision makers and information that will support any numerical forecast output.


On completion of the deep dive the data is analysed to be actionable by identifying themes in the data by groups.


Each identified theme is operationalised by drafting a series of questions/statements for inclusion in the questionnaire.


Once developed the questionnaire will be reviewed by those involved in the forecasting process and where necessary revised.


We use an appropriate field or lab- based method of testing the questionnaire to ensure it is fit for purpose and provides the information you need.