Health Outcomes Insights Announces Strategic Partnership

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a collaborative partnership with Perspective Research Services. A partnership which sees us dramatically expanding the scope of our patient-centred research support from recruitment to reporting.


Through this partnership and our combined qualitative and quantitative expertise to provide you with targeted answers to patient behaviour and outcomes.

Founded in 2009 Health Outcomes Insights (formerly DHP Research) has provided support to the healthcare sector, industry and academia. This has included qualitative inquiry in cancer research, COA development, survey design and training. Keith Meadows has worked in the diabetes COA space for the past 30 years and has extensive publications and presentations covering a range of research topics and innovative approaches to data analysis and survey design. Keith is the author of the Diabetes Health Profile, developed to measure the impact of living with diabetes on patients’ psychological and behavioural functioning. Alongside Keith, Brendan Mulhurn, brings extensive experience in the valuing of health for economic evaluation and psychometric analysis in the development of patient reported outcome measures, while Nisha Gohil and Sharron Green’s qualitative research expertise extends across the Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology and Diagnostics sectors.


Joining forces with Health Outcomes Insights is Perspective Research Services which enables us to provide a one-stop qual and quant research support to the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare agencies from recruitment through to analysis and reporting. Established in 1996. Perspective Research Services is one of the UK’s largest data collection and processing operations. Based in Central London it has 23 full-time staff, 17 regional field managers, 1,000+ Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) trained Face 2 Face field force and over 250 IQCS trained tele-interviewers covering domestic and international data collection. The Perspective Research Services portfolio includes an ethnographic study assessing the efficacy of an intervention for lowering cholesterol and testing the usability of a new insulin pen.

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