The Diabetes Health Profile

The Diabetes Health Profile (DHP)

Differentiating your Diabetes Intervention

Do you need to demonstrate the value of your diabetes intervention? How are you measuring patient outcomes in your diabetes studies? The Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) is a diabetes patient outcome measure that ensures you capture the impact of diabetes on everyday social and emotional functioning in a variety of settings, from clinical practice, population surveys to clinical trials and is simple to complete and score. Developed in accordance with industry guidelines, it has been completed by more than 15,000 patients and is available in more than 30 languages. 

How are you measuring patient outcomes in your diabetes studies?

  • DHP-1 (32-items). For use with Type 1 and insulin requiring Type 2. Sample copy
  • DHP -18 (18-items). For use with Type 1 and Type 2 (Insulin requiring, tablet and diet). Sample copy
  • eDHP-18 TrialMax. More information
  • DHP-3D (3-items); DHP-5D (5-items). Developed for the calculation of Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALYs). More information
Diabetes Health Profile - Administration modes

Modes of Administration

The DHP is available in a number  of administration modes including: paper, face-to-face interviews, mobile and tablet.

Diabetes Health Profile - Available languages

Language Versions

The DHP is available in 32 languages which have undergone extensive linguistic validation in accordance with currently accepted methodology recognised by the MOT and other international groups, ISPOR guidelines and the standards accepted by regulatory agencies such as the FDA.

Diabetes Health Profile - Appkications

Typical Applications of the DHP

  • Measure improvement or decline in the psychological and behavioural functioning of patients
  • Screen for unmet need
  • Demonstrate drug efficacy
  • Assess treatment effectiveness
  • Assess intervention programmes
  • Enhance treatment adherence by improving communication between you and your patients

12 key facts about the Diabetes Health Profile

  1. Higher  (negative) Barriers to activity scores with severe hypoglycaemia
  2. Increased Psychological distress and Barriers to activity with insulin treatment compared to oral treatment
  3. Higher (negative) Disinhibited eating scores with treatment non-adherence and increasing weight
  4. Extensive psychometric testing
  5. Clinically significant change in score range (MID) available
  6. Comes with a set of preference weights for generating quality adjusted life years (QALY’s)
  7. High response rates (60%-80%)
  8. Low levels of missing item data (0.2%-3.6%)
  9. Author pre-approved eDHP-18 TrialMax
  10. Available in 32 languages
  11. Completed by more than 15,000 patients
  12. Comprehensive user manual

Our Consultancy Services for DHP users

As developer of the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP-1 & DHP-18), Health Outcomes Insights offer a suite of consultancy services to maximise the significance of capturing the patient’s reported outcomes through all stages of your health research. This includes:

1. Provision of strategic advice on the measurement strategy based on the requirements of your target study population, product profile and value messages etc. These include:

  • Selection of the appropriate DHP (DHP-1, DHP-18, DHP-3D/5D) to meet study objectives
  • Establishing an effective endpoint strategy
  • Guidance on using the author approved eDHP TrialMax
  • Review and comment on study protocol

2. We know that the key to a successful patient reported outcome (PRO) measurement strategy goes beyond identifying the appropriate patient reported outcome measure and statistical analysis. We provide a clear interpretation of what both individual patient and study population DHP scores actually mean in terms of patient behaviour and experience.

3. Clinical trial exit interviews can provide a rich source of information of the effectiveness of study medication or treatment on the individual’s symptoms, functioning and impact of any side-effects. By undertaking exit interviews, Health Outcomes Insights uniquely brings together in-depth qualitative interview data and patient DHP scores that can provide a deeper understanding of treatment effectiveness.

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Diabetes Health Profile - Living with diabetes

Comprehensive User Guide

The Diabetes Health Profile

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