Is health outcome measurement part of your research programme?

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Health Outcomes Insights is an independent research consultancy serving academia, life science researchers, healthcare agencies and the pharmaceutical industry. across a range of conditions and diseases, get targeted answers to patient behaviour and outcomes whenever health outcomes are  your programme.


Clinical Questionnaire Design Services

 Ask the right questions.  Discover new insights.

Designing good surveys is a science. Only professionally designed survey questionnaires provide reliable insights.

Our questionnaire design services draw on an evidence-base that ensures your questionnaire is designed precisely to generate top quality research results.

Delivery of benefits

  • Avoids questions that are difficult to understand
  • Avoids questions that lead to biased or random responses
  • Avoids respondent fatigue and low survey response rates
  • Ensures questions are specific to research respondent populations

When you choose a Health Outcomes Insights questionnaire design service we will work with you throughout the evaluation and design process, so you can be assured all the pitfalls of poor questionnaire design are avoided.

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The first 6 steps for successful questionnaire design

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Got a new, existing or modified rating scale?

Is it optimised for maximum engagement?


Got a new, existing or modified rating scale?

Validate for Interpretable Data

Our award-winning evidence-based survey design analysis tool that helps you efficiently optimise your questionnaire for various purposes, including:
  • Pre-translatability assessment (TA) – Identify and address problems with your source questionnaire and enhance TA
  • Pre-cognitive interviewing (CI) - Minimise rounds of CI and save time and costs
  • Pre-testing/Fielding – Pretesting or fielding a fully optimised questionnaire saves you multiple testing
  • Value dossier development- Be sure your questionnaire is aligned with industry regulations and best practice guidelines


Starting from scratch and need advice?
Don’t have the time or resources to develop a new questionnaire?

We can help!

Our survey design specialists will get you set up! With our QuestDevelop™ platform we will apply industry best practices and our fast-track development process. You’ll get:
  • Evidence-based questionnaire design
  • Valid and reliable participant answers
  • Minimised drop-out rates
  • Boosted response rates
  • Higher levels of participant engagement/Improved decision making

Market & Forecasting Survey Design for the Pharmaceutical Industry

How to maximise the value from your next Market Survey

Many pharmaceutical companies currently spend almost twice as much on marketing their products as they do on research and development. As pharmaceutical market research is primarily based on survey design and methodology it is essential the survey has been designed so your research project delivers the best results and you get maximum value. With our evidence-based- questionnaire design platform you can be sure your next market survey provides you with maximum value.

Improve your forecasting accuracy

Leveraging high quality data from survey-based forecasting - whether it’s expert judgement an opinion survey or Delphi study - is an essential part of the forecasting process. Working with you we use our evidence-based questionnaire design platform to help you make more effective and realistic forecasting decisions.


Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Development

Improve Measurement of Treatment Outcomes

Developing and testing a new COA takes time, therapeutic and psychometric expertise, as well as ensuring that the construct that measures the right thing is captured. We will apply our expertise in developing your COA from Phase I to Phase IV to help you achieve regulatory and commercial success.
  • ClinRO: Clinician-Reported Outcome Measures
  • PRO / PREM: Patient-Reported Outcome & Experience Measures
  • ObsRO: Caregiver / Observer-Reported
  • Outcome Measures

Improving Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Research

Achieve high levels of patient recruitment and retention in your clinical trials.

Achieving high levels of patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials is essential for successful completion. We’ll help you devise a patient recruitment strategy by applying peer reviewed and proprietary models of behaviour and decision making that will enhance patient recruitment and retention.

Consulting Services

Do you need research support?

Whatever your requirements, we are happy to act in an advisory capacity. We can provide occasional, regular or even continuous assistance with your research. Our services include:

  • Recommendations on appropriate research methods
  • Consultancy on questionnaire design
  • Story telling – Capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged
  • Data visualisation – Communicate complex information in an accessible and engaging way
  • Experience sampling – Find out what patients are really thinking and feeling
  • Behavioural Economics – Understand what makes patients tick

The Diabetes Health Profile - Helping you measure with precision, clinical treatment outcomes in diabetes research and care

We are your specialist in diabetes outcome assessments

Are you looking for a patient reported outcome with a sound scientific basis to measure clinical treatment outcomes in diabetes? Conforming to the FDA’s Guidance for Industry and best practice guidelines together with proven psychometric and operational performance, the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) enables you to measure through the patients’ perspective, the impact of diabetes on everyday social and emotional functioning as well as generate utility values (QALYS) in a variety of settings including, clinical practice, population surveys and clinical trials.

We can also support you in:

  • Selecting the most appropriate secondary endpoints
  • Selecting the DHP most suitable for your study
  • Interpreting the three DHP subscale scores
Respondents who completed DHP
User licenses issued to organisations
Language versions of the DHP
Key publications

Training and Coaching

Develop your research expertise

Health Outcomes Solutions provides a range of coaching for clinical teams, clinical practice and researchers in making sound decisions in the selection and use of clinical outcome assessment in clinical practice and research including:

  • COA selection and evaluation
  • Questionnaire design
  • An introduction to Behavioural Economics for healthcare market research and communication
  • Story telling for effective decision making

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