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Health Outcomes Insights is an independent research consultancy serving academia, life science researchers, healthcare agencies, medical and  pharmaceutical industry get targeted answers to patient behaviour, experience and health outcomes across a range of conditions and diseases.The company encompasses a small core team alongside a network of trusted associates. 

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Healthcare research

 Through our combined qualitative and quantitative expertise to provide dedicated research support across all aspects of patient behaviour and outcomes including:

  • Qualitative research including off and online, face-to-face, focus groups, telephone, depth and ethnographic studies
  •  Mixed methods
  • Questionnaire design and evaluation including development of health outcome measures
  • Exit interviews (Qual & Quant) off and online
  • Statistical consulting for patient reported outcomes (PROs) and survey research
  • Valuing health for economic evaluation

Healthcare market research

In addition to our expertise in healthcare qualitative and quantitative research  we can support you across a range of healthcare market research activities including:

  • Positioning/branding
  • Advertising
  • Usability testing
  • Concept testing
  • Customer communication
  • Pricing
  • User experience
  • Customer satisfaction

All our market research is conducted in accordance with BHBIA Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Healthcare Market Research and MRS Code of Conduct.

Acquisition International Excellence Awards winner 2017
Global Excellence Awards 2017
Best for Healthcare Research - UK

Why Health Outcomes Insights

Health Outcomes Insights and Perspective Research Services have teamed up to meet an industry wide need to deliver faster clinical outcomes research at a lower cost whilst maintaining scientific reigour.

By bringing together our respective services Health Outcomes Insights and Perspective Research Services provides a streamlined and seamless process from patient recruitment through to conducting both off and online qualitative and quantitative clinical and market research.

This partnership sees us dramatically expanding the scope of our patient-centred research support and expertise available to our clients. 

The first 6 steps for successful questionnaire design

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Resource Centre: Get The Most From Your Next Survey

Tips and guidelines on how to design a questionnaire all in one place. Whether you are involved in health survey questionnaire design in general or the development of patient reported outcome measures, we’ve created a library of content to help you improve your knowledge on how to design a questionnaire and get more out of your survey data. Visit the Resource Centre here.

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Got a new, existing or modified questionnaire?

Will it provide you with the information you need?


Got a new, existing or modified questionnaire?

Validate for Interpretable Data

Our award-winning questionnaire design analysis tool provides you with a detailed appraisal and report on any design weaknesses in your questionnaire so it can be efficiently optimised to meet your needs, including:
  • Pre-translatability assessment (TA) – Identify and address problems with your source questionnaire and enhance TA
  • Pre-cognitive interviewing (CI) - Minimise rounds of CI and save time and costs
  • Pre-testing/Fielding – Save time and costs by pretesting or fielding a fully optimised questionnaire
  • Value dossier development- Be sure your questionnaire is aligned with industry regulations and best practice guidelines


Starting from scratch and need advice?
Don’t know how to design a questionnaire or have the time or resources?

We can help!

Our survey design specialists will get you set up! With our QuestDevelop™ platform we will apply industry best practices and our fast-track development process. Some of the types of questionnaires our experts can help you with:
  • Patient satisfaction and experience
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Clinician-reported outcomes
  • Observer-reported outcomes
  • Community surveys

Market & Forecasting Survey Design for the Pharmaceutical Industry

How to maximise the value from your next Market Survey

Many pharmaceutical companies currently spend almost twice as much on marketing their products as they do on research and development. As pharmaceutical market research is primarily based on survey design and methodology it is essential the survey has been designed so your research project delivers the best results and you get maximum value. With our evidence-based- questionnaire design platform you can be sure your next market survey provides you with maximum value.

Qualitative Research

We provide a full range of off and online qualitative methodologies for any question, decision or strategy that needs targeted answers to patient outcomes and behaviour, including but not limited to:
  • PRO concept of interest identification
  • Respondent debriefing
  • Mobile diary studies
  • Ethnography
  • Exit interviews
To make sure we provide forthcoming respondents are perfect for depths and groups and match your criteria all participants undergo a stringent screening process.

Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) Development

Improve Measurement of Treatment Outcomes

The development of health outcomes measures takes time, therapeutic and psychometric expertise, as well as ensuring that the construct that measures the right thing is captured. We provide a seamless package in meeting your COA requirements, from recruitment, concept elicitation and evaluation through to reporting of results:
  • Qualitative data collection and analysis
  • COA development and selection
  • COA testing and validation
  • Statistical consulting
  • Report writing and external communications

Improving Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Research

Achieve high levels of patient recruitment and retention in your clinical trials.

Achieving high levels of patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials is essential for successful completion. We’ll help you devise a patient recruitment strategy by applying peer reviewed and proprietary models of behaviour and decision making that will enhance patient recruitment and retention.

Consulting Services

Do you need research support?

Whatever your requirements, we can provide occasional, regular or even continuous assistance with your medical and market research. Our services include:

  • Qualitative services including face-to-face, focus groups, telephone depth and ethnography studies
  • Recommendations on appropriate research methods
  • Is it medical or market research?
  • Questionnaire design including the development of health outcome measures
  • Incorporating cultural differences in medical and market research
  • Statistical consulting for patient reported outcomes and survey research
  • Story telling – Capturing your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged
  • Data visualisation – Communicating complex information in an accessible and engaging way
  • Experience sampling – Finding out what patients are really thinking and feeling
  • Behavioural Economics – Understanding what makes patients tick

The Diabetes Health Profile - Helping you measure with precision patient outcomes in diabetes research and care

We are your specialist in diabetes outcome assessments

Are you looking for a diabetes patient outcome measure with a sound scientific basis to measure clinical treatment outcomes in diabetes? Conforming to the FDA’s Guidance for Industry and best practice guidelines together with proven psychometric and operational performance, the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) enables you to capture the patients’ perspective of the impact of diabetes on everyday social and emotional functioning as well as generate utility values (QALYS) in a variety of settings including, clinical practice, population surveys and clinical trials. If you are wanting to gather evidence to differentiate your diabetes intervention then you should consider the Diabetes Health Profile.  

8 reasons why you should choose the Diabetes Health Profile: 

  1. Meet FDA guidelines using the DHP’s clearly defined conceptual framework
  2. Measure what patients really feel and experience  
  3. Be confident patient scores are reliable, valid and meaningful
  4. Identify clinically meaningful change in patient scores
  5. Interpret  patient scores with greater ease using norm-based scoring
  6. Get increased response rates because  of minimised respondent burden
  7. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of treatment interventions
  8. Maximise the significance of capturing the patient’s reported outcomes through our support services
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Training and Coaching

Develop your research expertise

Health Outcomes Solutions provides a range of coaching for clinical teams, clinical practice and researchers in making sound decisions in the selection and development of health outcome measures in clinical practice and research including:

  • COA selection and evaluation
  • Questionnaire design
  • Development of health outcome measures
  • Qualitative research including: face-to-face and focus groups
  • An introduction to Behavioural Economics for healthcare market research and communication
  • Story telling for effective decision making

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